First workshop is held! !

June 8 Has the first workshop of Taimaru Voluntan!

Do you enjoy your first thing and you can enjoy
I was anxious, but after the workshop "it was fun !!"
I am relieved and I am relieved.

Especially the point of popularity

It was "the point that the stamp and ink I was worried can try"

As there is a store of Taimaru has a walk,
Please choose your favorite Hanko at the store,

Stamp back to the workshop venue!

Choose a stamp

[Stamp & Ink Choose]

Introduce part of your work-

◆ Assuming that you write or color a letter at home,
Customers who made postcards of a blank design.
I brought a variety of stamp techniques

◆ On a greeting card sent to foreign friends! When,
Ideas to combine Japanese style and Western-style motifs were also nice💡

◆ In decoration of mini sheeting paper,
Embossed to the stamp of the rabbit chosen by the customer.
Even one point also changed to a special letterpaper☺️

Besides these,
Favorite notebooks and taste postcards, tote bags etc ...
I was brought in the miscellaneous goods of my thoughts.

"By making it with others,

I can not think about myself
I can touch the idea,
It was a lot of fun! "

From the words of such customers,
It was the first time I was aware of the taste of the workshop.
Thank you very much!

Next time June 25 (Fri)
There is still a few seats.

We look forward to your reservation♪