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Today, our article was published in the Kyoto Shimbun.
Thank you, Kyoto Shimbun.

I would like to supplement my thoughts that I have not been able to convey due to the number of letters on the paper.


2020-11-18-13 Kyoto Shimbun


The purpose of the article was to convey the current status and future prospects of the accelerating EC market (net sales) in Corona MAGA in the"new normal" from the standpoint of small and medium-sized enterprises.

As mentioned in the article, we have been building this site since before Corona.
It has been in operation for about 1 year,and customers say,"I wanted to come to our store but I was in trouble because I could not come in Corona this year, but I am happy to discover online sales."

When I heard these voices, I think it was really good to have prepared.

While the digital society will continue to accelerate, I would like to take the initiative to consider how to preserve analog culture.


About transboundary EC

We hear from customers not only in Japan, but also from overseas customers as well.However, when it comes to cross-border e-commerce, there are several hurdles compared to domestic delivery, especially in the case of Corona disaster, the fact that Air Mail does not fly was a big barrier.

We have been improving gradually in the current situation, but we have not yet restored it.So, what is it?、It is not an easy composition to sell without permission if you do maintenanceIt is the real intention.

In the article, it is described in a tone that we can continue to grow more and more in the future, but I feel that it is not easy to do so.


About the role of stores and the net

On the other hand, I feel that the definition of"store"and"net" has changed as a real feeling.The most obvious point is that impulse purchases from window shopping, which had been commonplace until now, have decreased sharply.

In fact, this change in itself did not begin right now.Many of those in their 40s and Under have already done so.With Corona as the catalyst, I feel that this has penetrated even to customers in their 50s and over.

Don't you think you can look back on your actions?Find out and then go to the desired shop.I think that there are more actions than before.

In response to these changes、
I think that it is important to respond to each action of"know","examine","compare","buy","share"in"store"and"net" respectively.
From this idea"The store is not just a place to sell, it will be a place to touch the real thing and play a part that can not be realized on the internet, such as size, color, texture, and test push」I was told that.

In the case of analog products, the"Store" is very important as a place to check the analog feelingI think that it will become a place where people will be able to enjoy themselves.


"8 percent is possible," he said.

In the article, it states that"in the future, 8 percent is possible."To explain this a little more concretely,"how much do you think EC will be in the future?"He said: 'I'm not going to say anything about it.、"If this continues over the long-term span of 5 to 10 years, it is possible that net sales will eventually grow to 7 to 8 percent of overall sales」"I'm not going to do that," he said.

In short, I'm not saying that we're going to expand our online sales.、"If this situation persists, store sales will decline further, so if we don't find other ways to sell, we may end up going out of business."We will be happy to answer your questions.

This point is corrected because the article was a bit misleading.


To small and medium-sized business owners

The biggest reason I received this interview was because I wanted to send this message to the world.

2020 is a tough year for many SMEs.I also worked as an office worker.I feel that the weight of responsibility and mental pressure are not comparable between salaried employees and managers.

In particular, I think that the impact on companies in Kyoto and other regions where the proportion of inbound demand was large is immeasurable.I am also the 1 person.(In my case, "Hanko unnecessary theory" has also overlapped.。。)

But there are things you don't want to forget!

It is、"The value that the company has provided to society has not suddenly disappeared」That is.
I think that it is simply that the sales channel has disappeared.

If so、You can create your own sales channel!

I used the EC system"shopify"as one of the methods.I think there are many other ways.

Why don't you try without giving up?Why do not you adapt the system to the Times and leave something important?

I think there are three important points in implementing this.

① What is the company's"core technology"?I think this will be thoroughly considered first.
② The parts other than"core technology" will be radically changed as soon as 1 day
し communicate and connect with one's own existence

In addition, if you do not find the ① as a company, I think it is good to replace it with the president's own field of expertise (relative).

I think that these 3 points are required in the world today.

I'm sure you'll find something!I think that it is good to be asked by the people around.
After that, I think that this is 2 choices of " do " or "do not".

I am"I'll do it."」
To leave something important to future generations"I'll do it."」
I can't lose to this world."I'll do it."」


With you all."Do you want to do it?"」


Taku Tamaru the fifth inbo Tamaru