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【Homemade of the Kyoto in Kyoto where the warmth is transmitted/Taimaru no

Just push the pompon on a letter or a little message,
Handmade Hanko that tells you warm and humorous humor.
Our commitment

"Kyoto Uffu Stamp"
Natural landscapes, creatures, greetings of the time, a series of people with a celebrity3000More than one type.

"The origin of the stamp"
The portrait was the origin that the portrait of the celebrity was carved with the celebrity's face at the time of its inception that the photograph was not generally not common.

"Hanko who raises the sense to one rank"
In addition to the address marks and sealing marks used for letters, sealing marks, it is cute, even though it is cute, a seal that can be used as a bank mark is popular.

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Address mark

Kyoto Ufffu seal isHere

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Latest work "Flowering series"
Is fun to combine flowers, branches and flower equipment freely!

Meeting seriesHere


[Hanko who wants to use with letters]