[Result announcement !!] 2020 Han Contest

Excellent announcement !!

Thank you for waiting very long!
We will announce the excellent person of the 2020 Hankon Test.


Instagram@ Apple_hsu.pink


Reason for award


◆ The combination of Japanese pattern stamps is wonderful
Among the Japanese patterns that are the characteristic of our shop, "people", "plants", "animals", "letters", etc.
Many types of stamps are well harmonious.

◆ Good use of three -dimensional packaging
It is good not only for flat bags but also for three -dimensional wrapping paper.
Especially a stamp that can come to the corner and bend
The arrangement of stamps that you do not want to bend is wonderful!

Use other companies' stamps to accent
The stamp itself is also arranged in a well -balanced manner to give the accent a sense of unity, and it is also good that you are taking pictures!
Other than our stamps, the pattern is in harmony, so there is no discomfort.☆

There are many other ways to use Japanese pattern stamps, so please take a look.
I think it will be helpful!

--- Voice of the winner ---

◆ Voice of joy

I am very surprised and honored.
Tamaru India is always my favorite brand and I'm very happy!

◆ Tips for creating

I think Tamaru Intra is a representative of the Japanese style.

The mark of Tamaru India always reminds me of the scenery I saw on my trip to Japan.
That's why I always like to apply Tamaru seals to a Japanese -style collage, so I can decorate it like a beautiful picture.

My friends around me love Japanese style, so putting Tamamaru Ino's stamps in a package or making a small card is very unique and outstanding.

I think the friends who have received it will surely be happy!




Reason for award


A cute world view is completed
Just a lot of windows are turned into a fashionable apartment!
It was a work with a cute story that could hear fun conversations and music.

◆ Good for layers
The idea of ​​dividing pages outside of "window frame, door, gas lamp" and inside "person / animal" is good!
The shadow made when the page overlapped, the more realistic depth was expressed.

There are plenty of ingenuity such as slipping
Color the windows and color them to the film itself ... The fine ingenuity is wonderful!
It is good that the girls' personality is different in places where each way is different.


I think that the technique of "cutting out" and "layering" can be applied in various situations, so please try it too.☆

--- Voice of the winner ---

◆ Voice of joy
I was very happy to receive the message of the award because I didn't expect it to be chosen!
Thank you for choosing this time!
I want to continue to enjoy the rice stamp swamp♪

◆ Tips for creating
Since I saw a nice window frame date, I wanted to look into something from the window, so I focused on hitting the window.
I tried to change the windows that cut out the windows to create a different atmosphere.
I also arranged a girl's mast so that it would not be covered with a stamp.
I put a clear film to get a window feeling so that I could print the fence stamp there.



Reason for award


◆ How to use a completely new stamp
The expression of the stamp using pastel and berth mark was a scale from the eyes ◎
A new road has been opened to use the stamps in the future!
If you are busy1 minute 40 secondsPlease see just!
It is an inevitable work twice.♪

The fun of the process of creating a work
Sprinkle pastel powder, and when the stamp pattern appears at the end!
I was made to feel like "I want to do it too!" It's wonderful☆

The theme and art supplies of the work are perfect
It was a work that matched the pastel -specific soft texture to the stamp pattern, and the heart was warm just by looking at it.
The compatibility of the pattern is perfect for stamps other than our shop!


It's a really fun work that leaks breath!
It's nice to be with your child☆

--- Voice of the winner ---

◆ Voice of joy
I was surprised at the same time as I was contacted.

◆ Tips for creating
It is a collaboration between pastel art and stamps (stamps) that I usually draw.
I drew the background with pastel with the stamp as the main character.
In addition, the ink of the stamp is made of transparent type, sprinkled with powdered pastel and colored.
With a little trick, it became an artwork that can be enjoyed by children and adults.

The above 3 people will receive the following contents.

[Hancomyister certificate]

[Exhibited at the store]

[3 favorite stamps]

Unfortunately, we missed the award this time, but introduces the works that were candidates until the end.


A work with a very high "overall score".
Especially great is the balance between "margins" and "color".

At first glance, the "margin" that looks imbalanced is actually exquisitely balanced.
This balance is very similar to when we design a seal.

The "not drawn" part is actually very important.☆

Regarding "color", the "upper right stump" and "the lower right leaf", which are casually placed, are accents for the whole photo.
The balance of this shade is exquisite.

If you don't have this, your overall impression will be completely different.
It was a wonderful work that sighed.


A beautiful work that uses a classic postcard to keep the basic balance.

By using the same stamp, it will come out and change the color4There is a variety of expressions for each piece.

It is beautifully developed, but if you look closely, it is pushed so that it will be squeezed.
By doing so, the texture of the paper is used to express the softness of the petals.
The gorgeous decoration that would make the other party happy was also a good impression!


A unique work with the idea of ​​using a stamp for the kimono pattern and background.

・ Color paper (background) color
・ Color of paper (kimono)
・ Stamp color

The choice of three colors is well, the combination is beautiful, and the whole colored paper is unified.

It was one piece that was carefully built so that the author's affection could be felt.
I'm wondering how the kimono of Chiyo paper is made!


A work drawn into a fantastic world view, like a scene of a fairy tale.

・ Rearing of the background
・ Embossing of characters
・ Paste the "squirrel and boy" pressed on the attached sheet

Such,1Various ideas are elaborate on the postcard of the sheet, which creates a change in texture.
The overall composition is well -balanced, and the stamp patterns and the direction match well, so you can feel the wind in the landscape. You will want to decorate it in your forehead!


One of the great points of this work is Hanko's technique.

In fact, it has a different design from the stamp of our shop, "Human all -life is a horse."

It is finished in a different design by pressing over and over again.

It's easy to say, but it's hard to actually do it.

Moreover, even if you change it to a new design, it is well -organized.
As the color has been changed, the politeness of attaching the ink carefully is transmitted.
It's a technique that you can't do if you don't like stools.☆That's excellent.

everyone's"Hankon Test (#hanContest)"Introducing !!

This stamp is used like this!?

[Introduction of our store stamps used]

[Used stamp]

Human butcher is busy

Mari Sakura 6

Swear sideways

Shimizu no slope

Fireworks beauty

[Used stamp]

Date seal window frame

Gas light



[Used stamp]

Reindeer Santa Border

Berserage (transparent ink)

[Used stamp]

Clouds in the moon

Pine branch


Heart of the moon

Drunken ink

Mini stamp descending swallow

Mini stamp rising bird

[Used stamp]

Solid camellia

With Kiki Seal Subsection Frame


New Year's Day White Bunmaru

Kasamasa Akumushi Yusen

This year too ~


[Used stamp]


Middle cloud

Lottery with lots of flowers

Front of lotus leaf


Five -storied pagoda


[Used stamp]

Once -in -a -lifetime conversation

Branch branch

Mini stamp hand -painted autumn leaves

Mini stamp descending swallow

Susukai Yoko

[Used stamp]

Mini stamp swallow return

Mini stamp descending swallow

Human everything is a horse

Aoyama after the rain

Early spring


--- Excellent Award Announcement ---


After the application deadline, in January 2021, from the official account to Instagram, the winner.Direct messageWe will contact you.
Introducing the post of the winner in the official accountI will do it.
* If the SNS account you have applied for is deleted or is not disclosed, it will not be eligible for application or winning.
* You cannot transfer the winning rights or exchange with other prizes.
* If there is any incomplete, error, falsehood, etc., the application and winning may be invalidated.
* The won announcement message will be contacted only by the winner.



--- Prize shipping ---


If you have received the award notification, please reply to the necessary information such as contact information, prize delivery destination, etc. by specifying.
If there is no reply by the specified period, the winning will be invalidated.
* The shipping time isScheduled in February 2021However, due to circumstances, the contents of the prize, shipping schedule, etc. may be changed.
* Please note that the shipment date and time, delivery method, delivery company cannot be specified.



--- Inquiries about contests ---

Tanamaru Ino Shobo Shinjogoku Store
TEL: 075-221-2496
* When making inquiries, please contact us about "Instagram Hankon Test".
* Please note that we will not accept inquiries about the winning.

Thank you very much to everyone who participated! !

I enjoyed seeing a wide variety of stamps!

I was surprised that the level was high.

If you can participate in the next event, thank you.

If you couldn't apply this time, please join us next time.☆

At the time of the eventInstagramWe will inform you etc.

Let's continue to spread the fun of analog together!