Three steps to purchasing a product

1. Choose

Depending on your budget, please choose three or six of your favorite designs from the "Kyofufu Stamp Hito Koto Series"
※The target stamp is limited to the product of the square (32mm × 32mm).

2. Buy

The flow of purchase
[1] [For gift set (for 0 pieces)], "put in a basket"
(2) "Put the selected stamp in the basket (3 or 6)"
(3) Make settlement procedures

3. Arrive

After confirming your order, we will ship within three days from the day.
(Delivery standard when stock can be secured)
Please think that it will take three to five days from the time of arrival.

Product Details

--- about our original storage box---

This storage box was manufactured based on the voice of the teachers.
From among the various opinions What can be solved in the box?We have manufactured by trial and error in that.

Common Customer Concerns

The inside of the box gets dirty.

Stamps go missing in drawers

The rubber sticks to the case and can't be pushed.

In order to solve these problems, we made the following features in the storage box.

01. Ink stains are hard to stand out!

"The ink on the stamp makes the inside of the box dirty..."
In response to these voices, the color of the storage box itself was made entirely black. By doing this,The dirt is inconspicuous as long as possible.I think that it came to be. (It's very sober, but it's effective.)

02. Dirty bottom plate can be replaced!

Even if it is said that the dirt is hard to stand out, the dirt exists surely...
So, next time you buy a "Hitokoto Series" in our storeI'll give you the bottom plate for free!(Only applicants)
Because the storage box which i have used for a long time can be refreshed by this, I can use it for a long time.
*Up to 2 pieces per account
※It is OK in both the store and the web site!

03. The box doesn't move in the drawer!

When it gets rough in the drawer, does it get stressed somehow?
In fact, there is a magnet on the bottom of this box.The box doesn't move in the desk! It is unexpectedly easy to use when I use it, and i hear the voice such as "It is easy to remove the lid easily even with one hand", "It is easy to remove the lid easily even with one hand" and "Guard the rampage of other stationery" etc. It is an inconspicuous function, but I think that it will surely be useful for you as a power under the edge.

04. Ideal for long-term storage!

Many of the people i've heard about stamp storage have been like, such as "candy cans," "plastic containers in 100 yen shops," and "bags and boxes that came about when I bought them." In fact, "rubber stamp" is not compatible with this "metal or plastic" material.
Especially when you do not use it for a long time, the material sticks together, and the rubber surface may not be able to be used painfully. This storage box is not as good as possible.Long-term storageAll of them are made of paper.


*1 Effect of magnets on personal computer data

I think that a lot of people have heard the thing that the personal computer breaks when the magnet is brought near. I think that the impression at that time is strong because the floppy disk was a product which was greatly influenced by the magnet in old times. Because "magnetic material" is not used for sd cards and USB memory, which are currently the mainstream external storage mediumIt is not affected by magnetic force.Hdds on your computer are almost unaffected as well.
"The data won't disappear unless you deliberately bring a specially powerful magnet closer. (Excerpts from the Magneticsociety of Japan)

On the other hand, there may be some effects such as a slight advance or delay in the watch, or an effect on magnetic cards.

In addition, if you are using medical equipment such as a pacemaker, please be careful about handling it because there should be no event. "Never apply a magnet or magnet to the pacemaker's implanted site. Also, do not put it in your chest pocket. (Excerpts from Japan Lifeline)

If you do not need a magnet function,"No Magnet Box"Please fill in your preferences in the remarks column.