It's early this year, and the New Year's card season has come.

Next year's zodiacChild"is.

"Ah, this season has come this year too, what to do ..."
"The price of postcards has risen, and I guess we should stop giving out New Year's cards from this year."
... and many people may be worried.

 Also, in the first place"Why do you put out a New Year's card?"

Some people may think that ...

Stop those people once
`` New Year's card ''
Why don't you think about it?

The origin of New Year's cards is the Heian period, but this is a story of aristocratic society, and it has spread to ordinary people like modern times
It is said that "from the Edo period".

[Reason for issuing New Year's card]

1. I can't say hello directly
At the beginning of the year, there is a Japanese custom of having a new year's greeting for "the caretaker" or "imminent relatives".
However, in cases such as "distant" or "insufficient physical time", a letter (New Year's card) was issued instead of a greeting to those who could not directly greet them. That's right.

In other words, from the old days"Instead of New Year's Greetings"It is out to.

2. Because I usually interact with people I do not meet

There are people who are not as close as those in 1 "Taking care" or "Familiar people", but you want to stay connected.

For these people, there is a reason that the sense of distance of New Year's card was just right Shiome.

Even though I haven't contacted me for a year, there are times when I enjoy watching the scenes like "I'm doing this job right now" or "I'm so big, I'm so big". I think the other party is looking at your New Year's card while thinking so.

In other words, "New Year's cardJust a good sense of distanceWill continue. "

3. Because it is manners as a member of society

This is, honestly, one reason.

As a member of society,I get it because I got it

In a way, I think it's a good reason.

I think the interpretation varies from person to person, but the Japanese people are different from the individualist culture of Westerners, and they are collective (group) cultures.
Therefore, I think it is a ethnic group that traditionally values ​​the "wa" of the group.
In other words, these Japanese ethnic characteristics

"To maintain social ties (≒ To maintain group harmony)"

I suppose there was a New Year's card.

However, I think that it is also true that there are many people who are suffering from such a connection in the present age.

After all, should I give a New Year's card?
From the conclusion

If you put it out,Even with a small number of cards, you should give a new year's card made with thought

I think.

If you change the expression,

If you put it out properly, you should not put it out

 I think.

I think it's very natural that the person you associate with changes due to changes in the environment.
It may be a good idea to put your thoughts in the New Year's card only for those who want to continue to associate with you in the future.

In the streets, the following New Year's cards are delighted as "New Year's cards that are happy to get".

"A handwritten message is written"
"A hand-drawn illustration is drawn"
"Aieo's composition is devised."

What they have in common is probably ...
"Handmade feeling"And
"Original feeling"
Isn't that so?

In fact, if you get a unique New Year's card with a sense of handmade, you will feel some happy feelings.

I think that many people have been looking forward to the New Year's cards every year since that time.

So why are you happy?
In terms of design, I think that printed things are probably better.

But for some reason, "New Year's cards with a handmade feeling"
Would you shake your heart?
why? ?
I thought about the reason for this, taking into account the interaction with many customers.
Of course, this is not the only answer.

It's my answer, which is dim.

that is,

CreatorBody temperature

Isn't that because you can feel it?

The "trace" of the maker is always engraved somewhere on handmade items.

People have this "trace"
Creator's body temperature (warmth)
I feel like I have the ability to feel sensitively.

That's why when you touch it, your heart and emotions may be shaken.

On the other hand, when I saw a New Year's card just printed on the front and back,

It may be an emotion that you learn by not being able to feel this "trace".

Certainly, the difference in the time required for one sheet is considerable.

However, I feel that the difference is proportional to the time that the person who receives it as it is looks at the New Year's card.

Time to look at the handmade New Year's card with the sender in mind,

At this very moment, the creatorBody temperatureIs transmitted and warms the reader's heart.

Such JapaneseExchange of heartsIt may be that many people will be issued a New Year's card even in the present era because it realizes.

Alright! Let's make a handmade New Year's card!

If you make your own illustration and make a new year's card that takes time and effort, you will surely be able to reach your heart and be pleased! !

Even if you are passionate about trying to make it

"I'm not good at writing and I can't draw illustrations ..."

For these reasons, I really want to make it
I think many people have given up.

For these people,

For example, put colored Japanese paper on a postcard
There is a way to write letters such as "Kotobuki" from above with a gold brush pen.

This creates a three-dimensional appearance on the plane,
It will entertain your eyes, regardless of whether the characters are good or bad.

Also, using a wide variety of masking tapes, seals, cutouts, etc.,
There is a way to fill the empty space.

This can add accent to a monotonous design,
I think it is a way to improve the gorgeousness.

You can use it in combination with the former Japanese paper.

Of course, "Hanko" is also for these people
I think it is one of the tools that I can recommend.

"My favorite" Hanko ""
In "favorite places"
Pong!Just press

The impression received from postcards is very different.

Even if only one stamp is pushed on the print New Year's card,
I think the impression will change considerably.

Also, if you originally like "Hanko",
Think of various combinations as one work
Why don't you decorate your New Year's card?
I think that a wonderful new year's card with a warm heart will surely be completed.
Please refer to the sample press created in our shop if you like.

A good mix of these tools
Tips to make handmade New Year's cards easierI think.

Finally, we will introduce the features of our "Hanko".
The feature of our “Kyo Ufufu Stamp”
Instead of a stamp drawn by an illustration shop,

"Hanko" manufactured based on seal engraving technology

Is that

From customers

・ We come out even fine line neatly
・ Various types are fun to choose
・ There are many designs that you do not see elsewhere

We have many happy voices.

When I come to the store, I sometimes say, "I came to buy again this year," but I'm always happy that these words aren't enough for the creator.


Conclusion, happy new year card
"Make your own handmade New Year's card with various ideas"
Isn't this act itself?

This act of making itself becomes a "trace" that shakes the other party's heart,
I think it is a raw material that conveys your temperature. Of course, it takes more time to make than printed ones.
 However, once a year, think of those who are usually taken care of
The time you spend can be considered a very meaningful time.

If you have a stamp, you don't have to ask for prints.
Perfect for numbers (10 to 40)I think.
Please enjoy making it.

For the first time
"New Year's card made with stamps"
I don't think I can get an image,
First of all, look at "sample push" created in our shop from the following,
Please look into the world of New Year's cards made with "Hanko".

Until the end Thank you for reading.
I hope your new year's card making will be better.

Tamaru Inf Tamaru

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