It is a sample for New Year's cards made with only stamps.
When I make it with Hanko,
"Enjoy", "I'm going to be"
It will be a New Year's card.

Easily start

Those who make New Year's card for the first time in Hankoor,
How to teach how to press properly onceteeth
Please use this set product.

Enjoy the combination

If you already have a New Year's HankoAnd if it's a big deal
If you want to combine your favorite thingsPlease refer to the following.

--- 年 見 ---

Earth Overture 1

Shiga New Year Cold Body 191 Golden Gritz
Right straw,Gray shade
New Year's Day Hakubun Maru 14 Scarlett

Egotary Fuji 2

New Year's Eve 154 bark
Smart tiger,191 Golden Gritz
Bettake 25 Cardinal
寅 (zodiac) 100 Barmillion

Earth Site Sample 3

New Year's Day Nigico Vivid
Jerk tiger 18 Royal Blue
New Year's Day Hakubun Maru 156 raspberry
Tone circle small 156 raspberry
Tone circle large 57 Old Rose

Egotary outfuer 4

Shiga New Year Pattern 82 black
Hindacea 23 Rose Red
New Year's Day White Bill 100 Barmillion

Earth Sample 5

Ejection 61 olive
This year too 82 black
Doll tiger 66 Bargandy
New Year's Day Hakubun Maru 14 Scarlett

Egotary Sale 6

Gangmar 156 raspberry
Umbrella tiger 68 Atlantic
This year also ~ Yoko 18 Royal Blue
Snow crystal 92 silver
New Year's Day 14 Scarlett

Situation outfinder 7

Shiga New Year White 17 violet
This year ~ vertical 82 black 
Bird face tiger Nigico Arstone
New Year's Day White Bill 14 Scarlett

Egotary sample 8

New Year 159 Mountain Lake
Triangle 64 Khaki, 57 Old Rose
This year too ~ Yoko small 82 black
New Year's Day Hakubun Maru 14 Scarlett

Earth Overture 9

New Year's Day 82 black
Mini thin third piece 61 Olive, 64 Khaki
Tiger 66 Bargandy
New Year's Day White Bill 57 Old Rose

Egotary Fusion 10

Tiger parent and child circle 91 Gold
New Year tropical
Blur plum 5.5 minutes Pink
Blur plum black 5.5 minutes Pink

Earth Overture 11

Athlet Hakushi T Nigico Arstone
Inverted trigar 155 paprika
This year also ~ pen wrestay 82 black
New Year's Day Hakubun Maru 14 Scarlett

Earth Overview 12

New Year's Eve 82 black
Petite tropical
New Year's Day tropical

Earth Ogen 13

Return tiger Ink color
This year Blue shade
Five-year swirl 92 silver

Earth Overture 14

New Year's Eve 82 black
Broken tiger 14 Scarlett
New Year's Day White Bill 191 Golden Gritz
Pine branch Green Shade

Earth Overture 15

Welcome」・・・Ink color
This year」・・・Ink color
Mini Betet dog foot」・・・Ink color
Child tiger」・・・Yamanbine, red color

Earth Overture 16

Tension 26 Boysenbury
This year-vertical Ink color
文 遊 Ink color
Cherry blossoms 6 56 cinnamon

--- A statue-year-old statue that can be used every year ---

Classification New Year's Day 1

New Year's Eve」・・・82 black
This year too」・・・82 black
Nagakuraku standing for a long time」・・・59 Peacock
Irregular mark」・・・14 Scarlett
Waspaper + Cut Foil Sand Sign Set」・・・91 Gold

Classification No. 2

New Year's Eve」・・・82 black
This year too」・・・82 black
Nagakuraku standing for a long time」・・・59 Peacock
New Year's Day」・・・14 Scarlett

Classification 3

Welcome」・・・82 black 
Large wave」,「wavelet」,「Clouds」・・・Blue shade

Classification 4

Book」・・・82 black
Horizontal line sunrise」・・・14 Scarlett
New Year's Day White Bill」・・・25 Cardinal
Pine branch」・・・161 Green Tea
Crane」・・・158 Lapis Lazuli
Mt. Fuji University」 ・・・38 Sky Blue
Lines」・・・38 Sky Blue

Classification New Year's Day 5

New Year's Day」・・・59 Peacock
Shimaenaga」・・・51 orberbooker
Crop」・・・25 Cardinal
Black and white branch」・・・61 olive
7 six branch snow 3 minutes」・・・92 silver

Classification New Year's Day 6

Recovery」・・・154 bark
Plum blossoms」・・・57 Old Rose187 sage
This year too beautiful」・・・68 Atlantic

Classification No. 7

Hundredheavering」・・・27 Indigo
Mt. Fuji University」・・・Red Shido
Toned Udo Cloud」・・・Red Shido
Fine clouds」・・・19 cyan
New Year's Day (Hyotan)」・・・91 Gold

Classification No. 8

This guy from the spring」・・・82 black
Blur plum black 5.5 minutes」・・・91 Gold
Blur plum 5.5 minutes」・・・91 Gold
Happy Matsumatsu」・・・100 Barmillion
New Year's Day Bird」 ・・・23 Rose Red

Classification New Year's Day 9

This guy from the spring」・・・18 Royal Blue
Lucky moon」・・・66 Bargandy
」・・・61 olive
Sewow」・・・57 Old Rose

Classification No. 10

Haruno Haru」・・・24 Opera Pink
This year also ~ Yoko」・・・82 black
New Year's Day White Bill」・・・14 Scarlett

Classic New Year's Day 11

Drum」・・・66 Bargandy
Japanese roof」・・・82 black
Wisdom」・・・101 Camelia
Guy」・・・172 grapes
Mt. Fuji University」・・・68 Atlantek
New Year's Day Hakubun Maru」 ・・・14 Scarlett

Classification New Year's Day 12

Shiga New Year Snow Sign」・・・Blue shade
This year also ~ Yoko」・・・156 raspberry
"Soy (Tsushin Toshin)" ...100 Barmillion
(↑Spicy sky (Kanjo)OK if changed to

Classification New Year's Day 13

Spring」・・・82 black
Pine branch」・・・161 Greeny
Horizontal line sunrise」・・・14 Scarlett
Blur plum 5.5 minutes」・・・134 Pale Pink
Mini stamp blur plum white white」・・・134 Pale Pink

Classification No. 14

Maru」・・・172 grapes
Tone circle large」・・・33 pink,13 Orange
 「New Year's Day」・・・23 Rose Red

Classification No. 15

Laughing fortune」・・・161 Green Tea
Kazuma 2」・・・Brownshed
New Year's Day (Hyotan)」・・・14 Scarlett

Standard New Year Buddhist book 16

New Year's Eve」・・・82 black
Pine branch」・・・61 olive
congratulations」・・・154 bark
Mini stamp blur plum black black」・・・57 Old Rose
Mini stamp blur plum white white」・・・57 Old Rose

Standard New Year Buddhist book 17

New Year's Day」・・・Nigico Vivid
This year too」・・・156 raspberry
Mini stamp 1st star (glitter)」・・・13 Orange
Mini stamp black bear bow」・・・33 pink
Mini stamp white melt」・・・156 raspberry

Standard New Year Buddhist book 18

New Year's Eve」・・・82 black
Mikan oversized」・・・82 black
Mihayumi (single-letter)」・・・25 Cardinal
※ The head of the orange is painted with a colored pencil.
Even if you use a face, it is OK!
Among the peopleTone circle large"of
122 HarvestPress and color several times.

*** If you are looking for a stamp ***