About Internationals Shipping

Delivery country

The situation has changed every day for delivery areas.
I'm very sorry, but for more informationImaginary table of JAPAN POSTThank you for your confirmation.
The delivery method that supports our shop is "Air", "Surface" and "EMS".

We have started delivery with "DHL".
Normally, the number of days is about 3-7 days.

* Regarding delivery by "DHL", customs duties, other import taxes, and customs clearance fees may be imposed on products purchased at the time of customs in the acceptance country.
In that case, it will be borne by the recipient, so please pay directly to the delivery company at the time of delivery.
The tax and customs fee policy will differ depending on the country, so please contact the customs of the accepted country for details.


Postage $9.62~

The Netherlands, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, Poland, Sweden, Sweden, Switzys, Austria, Belgium, Czech, Finland, Luxemburg, Denmark, Denmark, Portugal, Portugal, Slovenia, Iceland, Iceland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungaria, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia.

The Americas

Postage $9.62~ 

USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Peru

ASIA and Others

Postage $8.86~

Australia, New Zealand, India, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt

※(1 USD/ 105yen conversion) For areas where SAL is not moving, the minimum fee is different from normal.
The shipping cost changes depending on the weight, so the specific amount is displayed when the country name is put in the cart destination.

Delivery is 1 week to 2 weeks

Although it differs slightly depending on the delivery area and purchase price, we will deliver it quickly from your order and deliver it carefully.

About mailing period

Due to the decrease in air flights due to the influence of corona virus, mailing may take longer than usual.
If you are in a hurryImaginary table of JAPAN POSTPlease check the local transportation status.

--- About packing ---

01. Overview

Clean the small dust on the seal with a brush and"Clean products that can be used immediately after the product arrives"We are trying to deliver.

In addition, we check one by one whether there are any scratches, dirt, or deficiencies in the product, and keep the quality maintenance.

02. Packed bag

Next, pack the product that is not a problem in inspection.

This time,Products do not get hurt during transportationI try to pack carefully without any gaps.

This work is close to a puzzle.

03. Protection with packing materials

Since it is a transportation of a distant road, it is necessary to protect the product from various shocks.

Therefore, more strict than in Japan,Double packing with packing material (air cushion)doing.

04. Stuffing

When packingMake sure the product does not move in cardboardThe packaging material is packed without gaps.

In addition, the tape is reinforced without gaps in order to prevent the inflow of water from the gap in the box and maintain the strength of the entire box.



Please look forward to the arrival♪