Custom (custom -made)

To the unique mark to "you" or "your loved one"

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Japanese Sword Series

Kozomaru · Light Green (Knee Maru) released

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Hanko popular with teachers

Popular with various teachers such as schools, cram schools, and pianos!

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I collected autumn stamps!

It can be used for message cards, notebooks, shop cards, store POPs, etc.!

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Even as a bank mark or hobby

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Japanese musical instrument series

Would you like to touch the sound of a traditional Japanese instrument?

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For Overseas Customers


Handmade seal of Tamaru Inbo

There's something that can only be conveyed from the hand.

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One thing teacher

Custom-made caricature pee-painting is finally appeared

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【NEW】Hanaawase Series

A series where you can enjoy a combination of beautiful flowers and flowers is born!

Aarea on the pass line
Aarea on the pass line
  • ¥858
Aarea on the pass line
Aarea on the pass line
  • ¥858
MC2 = E
MC2 = E
  • ¥858
Wat Yuaname?
Wat Yuaname?
  • ¥858

【New】 New Hanko

Also recommended for "Cold Evidence"

  • ¥638
Ssuki Daiyoko
  • ¥638
Fall and fall
  • ¥1.760
Hatched line
  • ¥561

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[Notice of overseas event exhibition] JAPAN EXPO PARIS 2022

Notice of exhibiting overseas events On this occasion,"JAPAN EXPO PARIS 2022"I will exhibit at the event. What is "JAPAN EXPO PARIS"?It will be hel...

[Digistile Kyoto] Introducing stamp art

Stamp Art in Tanamaru Ino -ryu Stamps and inks that you want to collect a lot. The combination is infinite. At the store and Instagram of "Tamaru ...

[Notice of TV appearance (22/3/13)] Kyoto Chi-Taimaru Padaru Paddy Taimaro--

Notice of TV appearance On this occasion,"Kyoto knowledge new"It was decided to take up in the program. March 13, 2013 (Sun) 6:15 to 6:30 MBS Broa...

[Magazine publication] "BIRDER" Simae Naga mark introduction

--- Publication --- A specialized magazine that has wides a wide range of fun of bird watching"BIRDER"At our shop at our shopShimaenaga markThank y...

【Hanko Review】 Calligraphy House Oji Yoshio

Handwritten character x Hanko world We introduced Hanko for the New Year's card of our shop to "Oe Yoshio Oe". Susually, calligraphy, I had a be...

Language has been added!

Until now, "Japanese" and "English" were only"Chinese" "French" "Hindi" "Indonesian"Added.

"Kyoto City Electronics Thanksgo" has been added to the payment at the Taimaru no Keikyoku store!

  In Kyoto City, the operation of the new return goods "Electronics vertical ticket" of the hometown and tax payments has begun from August 3rd. I...

[Women's picture report] I introduced

Click here for publication[Women's Picture Digital][Women's Picture Facebook] ***************【Homemade of the Kyoto in Kyoto where the warmth is tr...

[Radio] "Growing Reed"

The other day,V6 Okada's radio program "GROWING REED"I made a guest appearance. Mr. Okada is afront, and it was also called the same generation, a...

[Book] Morning newspaper publication "Catalog of everybody with Kyoto"

We published in the morning newspaper publication "Kyoto and the order catalog".You can enjoy Kyoto's taste and gems in your house"Ochi Time" beco...

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Please look for your own "favorite" stamp

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Everybody's Use

Let' s take a look at how people are using stamps to be used in the capital.

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特別な印の製作 限定御朱印 京都・岡崎に位置する平安神宮さん。平安神宮は平安遷都1100年を記念して、明治28年に遷都のおや神様である第50代桓武天皇をご祭神として創建された由緒ある神社です。今回は、そんな平安神宮さんとのご縁をいただき「神苑無料公開」のための限定御朱印を製作させて...

[Goshushi] Tofukuji / Tenin -in ~

Production of special seals Limited red seal Located in Toifukuji, KyotoTempleMr. Miss.It has a history of more than 650 years since its foun...

Location at Yasaka Shrine

※program:"Kyoto knowledge new"MBS (Kansai Region)March 13, 2012 (Sun) 6:15 to 6:30 Yasaka Shrine Location About "Gion" Our second generation ...

Completed Gacha installation with Hanko (Junior High School of Junior High School)

Gacha Gacha show off The vocabula made by the students of Junior High School who helped me from 2020.The student's thoughts are included in the "Ha...

[Continued report] Finally the hunchaka is close to completion!

Project is also important A project of Otsu City Kakawa Junior High School who cooperates for about a year. The students are steadily going to step...

[Saiten Miyama] Autumn Grand Festival (Japanese Musical Instruments Playing Group Easy Acad)

Autumn Dai Festival Long-awaited festival The festival that has been canceled due to corona is revived!I was overflowing with a lot of worshi...

[Market card] Mr. Saiten Miyamiya-illustration mark and reprint mark ~

Production of special marks Octopus Speaking of Tenjin, it is a cow that is agricultural symbols and Tenjin's emergence. This cow was made th...

Saku Shrine and mysterious edge

Shibata Shrine is the god of Tamaru family   Shinto shrine that sites to Koida, who is the entrance of the east of KyotoShibata Shrine」。In fact, M...

Introduction of order mark (shop card)

Sea of ​​tea Request This time, we will introduce the request mark from our customers.The requested content was to design a mark to press the shop ...

I want to save the waste school crisis !! Support junior high school students' challenges !!

Junior high school student struggle I am indebted from last year「"KCL Project" of Nakagawa Junior High School.Challenge the Cloud Funding, etc.Fina...

Kyoto Uffuharaen

Sealed seal like Taimaru

  • ¥726
  • ¥726
  • ¥726
  • ¥726

Japanese stamp

Cutting sandy
Cutting sandy
  • ¥792
Cutting sandy
Cutting sandy
  • ¥792
Tsurumaru Kuninaga
Tsurumaru Kuninaga
  • ¥748
A sword rack.
A sword rack.
  • ¥715

Store information(shinkyogoku store)

At shinkyogoku shop, we manufacture and sell Kyo-UFU stamps.The stamp Made in our shop has been well received by many customers for its good rubber quality, sharp pressing and long lasting.

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Japanese sword mark

Japanese sword marks that are particular about the length and warpage of the sword

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