Tamaru's "Hanko"

"Hanko" comes back

"Kyo Ufufu Stamp" is a "Hanko" that the person who receives makes a smile.

Conversation born from this "hanko"? "
I want you to use it because it is an era when communication became convenient

Even now that IT has become widespread, it is not possible to convey the warmth when holding hands.

I don't even say "handwritten love sentence"
"Hanko" conveys the warmth of the person who pushed

When the warmth of a person is transmitted, the heart of the person is moved
We think like this.

Warm "Hanko"
"Kyo Ufufu Stamp" by Tamaru Intra

Inadvertently "Ufufu" spills
Such a mysterious "stamp experience"

Mysterious experience surrounded by more than 3000 kinds of stamps
Japanese patterns are the center of cute patterns to full -fledged windy patterns
Speaking of stamps, Western -style patterns ...
Many products that overturn such common sense

Interesting "Ufufu" with Dajare "Hanko"
Cute "Hanko" with "Ufufu"
Imagine the face of that person who got it, "Ufufu"

A shop where you can meet a lot of "Ufufu"

Collection of "I like"

"Hanko" is what you use for work and documents
This idea is already old

"Hanko" is a tool that expresses "my favorite".

"Kyoto Ufufu Stamp" is perfect for those who have such a commitment

Looking for something unique
→ I want to push a lot of jellyfish "stamps" that I love

I want to add a little more "like" than it is
→ Decorative paper is a stylish message card you like

I want to have a discerning item that I recognize
→ If you use it, you want to use a long -established stuffed "stuffed" hanko

I want you to use such "like" for those who want to incorporate it into your life
"Hanko" of Tamaru