A smile comes back.

The kyoto ufu stamp is a smile to the person who gets it.

What is this "hanko"? Conversation sprung from
I want you to use it because it is an age when communication became convenient.

Even now that IT has become popular, i can't tell you how warm it is when you hold hands.

I don't even say "handwritten love sentence"
"Hanko" conveys the warmth of the person who pushed it.

When people's warmth is transmitted, their hearts are moved.
We think like this.

Warm-hearted "anko"
"Kyo-Fufu Stamp" by Tagamaru Inbo

The "ufufu" is spilled unintentionally. 
Such an experience

More than 3,000 kinds of chanko experiences
From cute patterns to authentic tasteful patterns, japanese patterns are the center
Speaking of stamps, western-style patterns
A number of products that overturn such common sense

"Ufufu" is fun at Dajale
"Ufufu" with cute "Hanko"
Imagining the face of that person who got it, i thought it was "Hmmfu"

A shop where you can meet a lot of "Ufufu" ininbo

Collection of "Likes"

"Hanko" is used for work and paperwork.
This idea is old.

"Hanko" is a tool that expresses what you like.

The Kyoto Fufu Stamp is perfect for those who have such a feeling.

Looking for something unique like no other
→ I want to push a lot of jellyfish that I love and never stop.

I want to add my "likes" a little more than just as it is.
→Paper without decoration is a fashionable message card of my favorite

I want to have the article that I admit
→ I want to use the sticking of the long-established hankoya if I use it with great pains

I want you to use such a favorite for the person who wants to incorporate it into the life.