Voice of the customer (new product, resale hope is here)

This is
"Inquiries about the hope and resale of new products"
It is only a window.

For other inquiries, please contact"Inquiry"Please contact us from .

[About the new design]

Please let us know your desired design.
Pictures, words, letters, letters, all genres are fine.
Please carefully select what you want as a hanko and let us know.

In our store, we aim to make products according to the voice of customers as much as possible.

When the number of requests is more than a certain number, we will add it to the list of new products and make a product.

Per person, only once per wishI'd like to ask.
Requests multiple times by changing the e-mail address and name are prohibited, so thank you.

※ For those less than a certain number of patterns requested, there is a case that is not commercialized. Please understand in advance.

[About resale hope]

Up to now, there is the one that limited sale for some products in our store.
If you would like to resell these products, please contact us here.

The limited edition products that are eligible for hope at this time are as follows.

2. "Tamaru Inbo Co× Co., Ltd. Collaboration Set"

"Tamaru Inbo Co., × Co., Ltd. Collaboration Set"

1. "Tsuru no Hitomi Set"
Tsuru no Hitomi Set