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Hanko no

It’s happy to push stamps and display them. It’s so fun just to have the stamps.
Through such stamps, “Kyo Ufufu Stamp”, bonds between people are created.
There is something special that can be conveyed from people to people because Kyo Ufufu stamps are warm and different from one by one.

The secret lies in the "handmade" part that we are particular about.

Hand-made analog communication that conveys warmth, hand-to-hand

Case1.Teachers and students

Kyoufufu stamp values conversation between a teacher and each students.

Use stamps to communicate with students.
Letters and stamps given from teachers to students’ own belongings.
Many students must be nervous but also looking forward to it.


The rich variety of Kyoufufu stamps is
a strong ally for handmade items.

Don't you feel a little happier than usual
when you receive gifts from your friends
with handmade wrapping paper or message cards?

How about adding a stamp to a handmade gift
that you create imagining your friend's smile?

Case3.Shops and customers

Kyoufufu stamp helps you show "hospitality" to your customers.

It can be used not only for chopsticks wrappers,
and paper trays used at restaurants,
but also for personal communication
such as Mercari and Creema.
You can express your gratitude by putting a stamp
on the thanks card and the packaging.


You can save time but also feel warmth with Kyoufufu stamp at office!
you will feel warm.

For example, phone memos, short messages and etc.,
time efficiency is often required at work place.

In that time, a person who sees the stamp

attached to the memo can smile without thinking.
A company is a person.
This kind of communication is important for that.


Customer voice

There were a lot of different kinds of stamps, so I bought something that was just a good size.
From the appearance, I could feel the handmade feeling, and I quickly realized that the stamp here was something different. In fact, the feeling of pushing is completely different.

I feel that handwriting is more emotional, so I often write handwritten letters.
I use it because the letter is gorgeous when I press the stamp of Tamaru Inbou.
You can also press it on a calendar or on a memo you put in a gift.

I didn't have any particular use for it, but the moment I saw it, I thought it was cute and bought it. Rather than using it, I collect and decorate it.
There are so many types of stamps, so I just want to collect them.


Various uses.

Why don't you add a little stamp to your daily life
and make everyone smile?

And now I'm going to give you a name stamp and a cute hand-made pick, And now I'm going to give you a name stamp and a cute hand-made pick,

Tamaru Inbou's official SNS

Tamaru Inbou official SNS introduces various ways to use stamps and how to press them beautifully.

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Choose handmade products
Take a look at a handmade product.

Easy to use because it is handmade.
We believe in the value of analog
and stick to handmade.

Even in this era, we also continue hand -work in the manufacturing process of “Hanko”.
In the manufacturing process of "Hanko,"
I have left my hand-work process.

To be honest, if you pursue only efficiency, it is possible to make a large quantity quickly using a machine in the whole process.
However, on the other hand, there are some parts to lose or give up in various aspects such as quality and design.

"Who did this product reach and how is it used?"
As a result of taking this question straight,
we have adopted a method in which human intervention is involved in the manufacturing process and the product remains handmade.

the original point of handmade

We have been doing business as a seal specialty store in Kyoto for 100 years since the beginning of the Taisho era.
While contributing to the cultural development of Kyoto, We had carved caricatures of celebrities on a rubber for children in the neighborhood.
At the time when photography was not common, many people were lining up with smiles.
That is the origin of our "Kyoufufu stamp".

Rubber stamp made by a hanko shop

Our stamps are proud of their lines! We make use of the experience unique to a hanko shop, where I carved a seal by hand, in making stamps.
The delicate and hand-made stamps are "easy to use" after all.
Once you experience the rubber stamps made by the hanko shop, you can see the difference.

Forms unique to handmade

If you make a stamp with a machine, the size will be standardized.
It is unique to handmade that a wide variety of patterns and sizes are available. A warm stamp will look great on your desk or shelf.
Please enjoy the "difference" of each slightly different product.

Let me introduce to you the handmade process.

cut with the hands
cut by hand
press with the hands

Cut Bt
cut with the hands

Cut unnecessary parts in the design.
We use scissors to cut the rubber by hand,
so we are free to do so.
We adjust and cut it to the limit of the design,
so we can make stamps that everyone can press beautifully.

Handmade's good point.

  • Ink does not stick to extra places
  • The design is perfect for the size of the rootstock
    and easy to push
Shave by hand
cut by hand

Manually rub the four corners
so that the corners of the rootstock do not bite
into your hand when stamping.
Since it is a manual work,
it is able to change the rounding method one by one
according to the size of the stamp.


Handmade's good point.

  • No matter how many times you stamp,
    your finger won't hurt.
  • The round shape makes it cute to decorate as an interior.
push by hand
press with the hands

The picture on the top of the stamp is
hand-pressed rather than machine-printed.
This creates the individuality of each product.


Handmade's good point.

  • Wide variety of sizes
  • It also serves as a product quality check
    by pressing with the same rubber.

Choose handmade products
Take a look at a handmade product