Commitment to Handmade

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I'm happy to push, decorate and happy. I feel better just by having it.
It is tied through such a stamp through the Kyoto Ufufu Stamp
A "edge" between people.
Each one is different, and there is something that can be conveyed because it is a Kyoto Ufufu Stamp.

The secret is a discerningHandmadeThere is.

Because it is handmade, warmth is transmitted
Connect by hand
Analog communication

Case1.Teacher and student

Dialogue with each student
Take care,
Kyo Ufufu Stamp.

Use a stamp to dialogue with students.
Characters and stamps from the teachers written on their own belongings.
There should be many students who are looking forward to it while being thrilled.

Case2.Your friend

Strong ally with handmade goods
Abundant kinds,
Kyo Ufufu Stamp.

If you get gifts and celebrations for friends, handmade wrapping paper or cards,
Are you a little more happy than usual?
To a handmade gift made while thinking of your friend's smile
Why don't you add one stamp?

Case3.Shops and customers

"Hospitality" for customers
Kyo Ufufu Stamp.

"Chopstick bags", "menu", "paper grass" used in restaurants
Not to mention Mercari and Creema
Even for personal communication
Press the stamp to "Thanks Card" or "Packing", etc.
I will tell you the gratitude.

Case4.Work Friend

Time savings in the office!
But it ’s a pleasure,
Kyo Ufufu Stamp.

In the telephone memo, a little message, at the workplace,
While being overwhelmed by time and often required efficiency,
Look at the stamp attached to the memo,
Those who receive it are grinning unintentionally.
The company is a person. Such communication is important.


customer's voice

There were many kinds, so I bought something with the right size.
From the appearance form, the handmade feeling was transmitted, and I understood that the stamp here was something different. In fact, the push comfort is completely different.

I often write handwritten letters because I feel more comfortable with handwriting.
I use it because the letter is gorgeous when I press Tamaru Ino -san's stamp.
Press it on the calendar or to put it in the gift.

Although it was not particularly useful, the moment I saw it, I bought it because I thought it was "cute". Rather than using it, it is collected and decorated.
There are so many types, so you just want to collect them.


Various ways to use

Incorporate a little stamps into your everyday life
Would you like to smile together?

Ufufu seal to your name stamp/Easy to make cute handmade picks Ufufu seal to your name stamp/Easy to make cute handmade picks

The official SNS of Tamamaru Intra

Tamamaru Ino -Obu Official SNS introduces various uses of stamps and how to push beautifully.

Look at

Choose Handmade Products
Look at handmade products

Easy to use because it is handmade
We believe in analog value,
I am particular about handmade

We are even in this era
In the manufacturing process of "Hanko"
We dare to leave a manual work process.

To be honest, if you pursue only the efficiency, you use a machine in all processes.
It is possible to make a large amount quickly.
However, on the other hand, the parts that are lost in various aspects such as quality and design.
The part to give up will come out.

"What kind of person this product reaches, and how is it used?"
As a result of catching this question straight
We intervene human hands in the manufacturing process,
We adopt a method that remains handmade in the product.

Handmade origin

From the beginning of the Taisho era, I have been doing business as a seal specialty store in Kyoto for 100 years since its founding.
While contributing to the cultural development of Kyoto, it seems that he was digging a caricature of a celebrity in the rubber with his nearby children.
At that time, many people made a line with a smile at the time.
That is the starting point of our Kyoto Ufufu Stamp.

Stamps derived from a stamp shop

Our stamp boasts lines! I make use of the experience unique to a stamp that has been carved by hand by hand.
The fine attentive and manual stamps are "easy to use".
You can see the difference by pressing a stamp derived from a stamp shop.

Handmade form

If it is a machine, the size will be uniform.
It is also handmade that a wide variety of patterns and sizes are available. It is a warm handmade stamp that can be displayed on a desk or shelf.
Please enjoy the "difference" of a slightly different product one by one.

Introducing handmade processes

Cut by hand
Cut by hand
Press by hand
Cut BT Hand
Cut by hand

Unnecessary parts for design
You can cut the rubber by hand so you can freely.
Adjust to the last minute
Because it's cut
There is a stamp that can be pressed neatly
You can.

Because it is handmade, this is good

  • Ink does not fit in extra places
  • Perfect for the size of the rootstock and is easy to push
Shave by Hand
Cut by hand

When pressing the stamp
The corners do not bite into your hands
Cut the four corners manually.
Because it's manual
How to round the corner according to the size
You can change each one.

Because it is handmade, this is good

  • No matter how many times you press it, your finger will not hurt
  • It is a colon, and it is cute to decorate
Push by Hand
Press by hand

The picture on the top of the stamp is
Not an opportunity print
I'm pushing by hand.
Each one is different
The personality of the product is
I will be born here again.

Because it is handmade, this is good

  • No matter how many times you press it, your finger will not hurt
  • It is a colon, and it is cute to decorate

Choose Handmade Products
Look at handmade products