Saku Shrine and mysterious edge

Shibata Shrine is the god of Tamaru family


Shinto shrine that sites to Koida, who is the entrance of the east of KyotoShibata Shrine」。
In fact, Mr. Kasida Shrine and our third generation is a shrine that is indebted as God. The children (5th generation) of the three children are also here.

The Goddess of Sasada Shrine with such a place isWith 盞 (Susano no Mikoto)The god of Koizu Genki is enshrined, such as Oonam Chinomikoto. Specifically, the shrineVistaPlease refer to.

The German God was sluggish than before, but while embarrassingI did not know that the sword blacksmith (Mijo retrorcheko, Shiro Shiro Shirota) was welcome at Blacksmith.


Mysterious edge 1

In our shop, do you have "Hanko Japanese Sword" around 2016? And what you hear from customers has increased. So, in the first number of vibrations made to make these voices"One period of time"There was.

At that time, the shape of the sword was often made after investigation, but it was manufactured as a typical sword of Koida, while not examining the shrine of the edge. After a while after release, "1st term" isWhen I knew that there was a place to "Blacksmith", I was very surprised and remembered that I was having everybody who had been most visiting the first visit.


Wonderful edge 2

After launching the "1st period", I received a lot of people and I received a sword Hanko. Such a day, I heard the conversation that "Taimaru Valuing" is not perfect for "" Taimaro Valuing "from the two-man customer who was in the" one-term change ".

At first I did not know at all what meaning.
Investigating, I understood that the name of the character voice actor of the person who has the person who has anthropomorphized the sword was said to say "Atsushi Tamaru".
I was very surprised at this chance. (By the way, the same name of the same name is also relatives)


Thanks to God of Shibata Shrine

Such a consecutive chance feels that the god of "Shibata Shrine" is the edge.
With the meaning of gratitude, I received a few days ago with Japanese sake (one-term shot, Shin-Tsukinori, Kenjinjiro), and I also talked a little with Mr. Miyaji.

This time, we can dedicate the feeling of gratitude and gratitude to "Shibata Shrine and God" who received a strange relationship, and if you want to make good things in the future, it will be decided again became.

Memories were a little nostalgic feeling that there were a lot of sights and swords with a grandfather who died on the back of the way back and the sunset.


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