Customer's "pass" Hanko

Yesterday customer purchased around 2006
I had a hunger.
Image is here.


This palm isActually the second generationAnd.
This time, because it has become Boroboro,
I came to buy the third generation! It was said that.

I'm very happy.
Thank you for your continued patronage.

Usage history is 15 yearsAs it is also a year-old,
As a school teacher, the number of times of use is quite
I think it will be the number.

Such a feeling that you will show the scrap of the Hanko.

I have worked a lot"Good face hand (seal surface)"is!

There is almost no sponge that paste rubber,
Ink is inflated in the surrounding table.
It is evidence that it is quite available.

I think this handker is also true.

I actually pushed it.
A solid seal.Rubber is still strongis not it.
Who is a good quality rubber seal and self-portrait (lol)

LikeHow many students are "passed"Press
I wonder if it was.

If it is sixth grader who is pushed by the first year,
Now it is 27 years old. I wonder if my work is getting fun
I will imagine with it.

Things play a role and are old.
Such a sense of nature"it's beautiful"I feel like this day.