I talked about Hanko in middle school.

Extracurricular activities

This time, I had a chance to visit Katsuragawa Junior High School in Otsu city and talk about Hanko.

Personally, school is one of the places I love very much, and it is a rare opportunity to meet 1st grade junior high school students who usually rarely talk to face-to-face.
I was very looking forward to the day.

I was thinking about becoming a teacher for a while, so I am very happy to be involved in education in this way.

Junior High School

□About Katsuragawa Junior High School

One of the reasons I decided to visit this time was the"KCL project,"which the school is working together with the Community. 1

This activity is to protect the school from the crisis of school closures due to the decrease in the number of children、To get to know them.[KnowCome on.[ComeI'll have you live.[LiveIt is something that is being promoted.

More details"KCL project" HPPlease refer to our Privacy Policy.

I think these problems are not limited to this school, but 1 of the problems that many local authorities face in the ongoing form.

To be honest, I would not have visited a school that had not been particularly active in the area in response to the problem of depopulation.

I was moved to visit this school because it was a school that confronted these issues from the front and the community was working together.

□About activities


This story is the brainchild of the students themselves,"I want to announce the illustration that I designed by myself as a shape of Hanko, and finally as a product!It was like, " Oh, my god."

The details are at the stage of consideration, so I will not mention them here, but as a role I was asked for was from the perspective of"how professionals make products", so I was also seriously confronted.

To be honest, I think that it has become a very difficult content for the first year of Junior High School students, but in fact, I emphasized the point that"making products is like this."I'm sorry, all of the students, it's a bit difficult.。

Nevertheless, it seemed very reliable to see the students actively expressing their ideas and trying to move forward with the project.

I hope that through this Hanko making, students will learn about how products in the world are created, how they are distributed, and how they are useful to society.

Activity photos

It is not the first time that we have been able to make the most of this day, so we may be able to interrupt you again.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

□About the Katsuragawa region

I think that it is a very suitable land for raising children who put emphasis on coexisting with nature because it is rich in nature and the air is very delicious, and there are mountains and rivers.

Azumi River

I was also surprised by the fact that it is surrounded by such nature but not far from the city.I was especially surprised that it took less than 1 hour to get to Kyoto City Hall.This is a great app for those who can drive a car☆

For example, to katata Station: 31 minutes,to Kyoto City Hall: 54 minutes


Even at the pizza shop I stopped by for lunch, I heard a lot of stories.
It was said that he moved here 2 years ago.Originally, it was a pizza shop in Tanba Sasayama,and it seems that it was a shop with constant queues.

After that, when they were looking for other places,they met the land along this mackerel road.The water is drawn by the well itself,and the pizza kiln is also homemade.

The essential taste、、、
It was a very delicious pizza!!The taste of cheese is exceptional!
If this is in the city, I think that there is no mistake in the queue.
However, when I heard the story, it seems that I have to be away from the people because of the"smoke coming from the kiln".You can't make a perfect pizza.

Stone oven pizza with thick cheese that you can not meet in the city☆
If you drive well, why not try it once?
There was also a dock run.

I think I repeat.

Firewood kiln Picts and cafe THE ROVER