I want to save the waste school crisis !! Support junior high school students' challenges !!

Junior high school student struggle

I am indebted from last year
"KCL Project" of Nakagawa Junior High School.

Challenge the Cloud Funding, etc.
Finally for the implementation of the project
It seems that it is started earlier.

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In our shop, the history of Hanko, the story of the design towards the pigeons,
In addition, we will help create product samples
I was allowed to.

Regional promotion with a gacha

The second grader of junior high school thinks he thinks hard,
Snowy town called Hanshogawa
Social issues such as low birth rate agingNS
The figure that is hit from the front is to the adult
Is it only me that you feel like you're appealing?

The goal is stuffed with Guts with a location in the region to
I want to send the attractiveness of the area by getting turning.

Sample stamp
"Spring Utsugi" "Summer Lilique" "Autumn Nameco" "Winter Funotou"
It is not a hunchable,
I made a unique pattern.

For those who like "Yamayuki" and "Yamana Take",
Leaguts of pasteIt will be! ?
It is a pigeon that can not be obtained at least outside Kaokawa and Hisa

If you have help you, I am very happy.

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Also, in the case where the gacha is completed,
Please visit Kazukawa and Hisa, and turn the gacha.

Many attraction of Hisakawa

Kazawa and Hisa are a snowy environment in winter,
In summer, we will change to a cool summer resort.
It was full of many camers when I visited the other day.

Source: Kazawa Forest Camp Village Official Site

Because you can go in one hour from within Kyoto City,
It is perfect for those who want to stretch your feathers in nature.

Also, there are people who know nearbyGibierNasty store
"Hirayama Sanso"There is also.
Spring wild vegetablesSummer is a salmon, I was scolded with charcoalAutumn matsutake
In winterInevitablebearorboarIn a pot.
It is a famous store that will give you food.

Source: Eating Log Official Photo

If you came to Kyoto and Shiga, please come and see
I hope you can extend your feet.