Look back on thing - last year that give a New Year's card; and ...

[looking back on the end of last year, and thinking]

I think whether it was the age that a New Year's card detached room greatly went ahead last year.

Did the all of you who was resigned as in the circumference from this year not come? In addition, I think whether I may start it for the person who wants to give a New Year's card that it was in a troubled year.

When I got up in our store while I did it this way, I had a record-high visitor purchase stamp "for" New Year's greetings.

Probably the "which I will use "はんこ" for not a print among sent people this year because I reduced the number of sheets" thinks that much.

The New Year's card may be left in this way.
The culture that I really change with thought between the heart which and the handicraft thing which distance is close in like with oneself. As for this, what's called New Year's card is felt in the meaning called "the substitute that does not have greetings directly" depending on a viewpoint so that the origin recurs.

In addition, I feel it at the store as there were more visitors whom it is said to when "after all a handmade thing different from the print is good" than an average year.
On the other hand, I asked you about the opinion of the new which, by the way, he/she divided "the partner who really started the thing which I made" and "a partner to photograph the postcard which I made with a camera, and to tell via SNS" into here and there.
It was enjoyed, "I made it" with various form, everyone, and felt glad of this.
I saw such an expression and remembered a feeling of Waku Waku at the time when I made full use of "プリントゴッコ" or "はんこ" in whole family an age ago and made a handmade New Year's card.

Culture "which changes a real thing for the friend that" is real
It was the end of the year in 2018 when I had a feeling that, in fact, the key of the next times fell into this neighborhood.

By the way, by the way, what will happen this year?
It is expected that, as a whole, the number of sheets that a New Year's card is given decreases,
I feel like the person whom a handmade New Year's card is given to being sent this year.
In addition, a young person may be the one which I make one piece and put up in SNS all as fictionization.

Let's make the planned one where a handmade New Year's card is made and a this year proper thing! The one where と seems
Example using "はんこ"
If を is all right, give me reference.

I am glad very much if I help the fictionization of all of you.

↓ The person who is looking for a stamp ↓