The story of the Hanko that I talked with Okada of V6.

The other day,V6 Okada's radio program "GROWING REED"I made a guest appearance.

Mr. Okada is afront, and it was also called the same generation, and I had a fun kid's story. Okada-san was a bearded handsome actor who had a bearded manner and increasing astringent.

Thank you to Okada-san and the show behind the program!

Program isHere


The theme of the voice that the voice was inconveniented with the "De Hanko" and "New Normal", which occurred in the pandemic, how is the active Hanko shop responds and feels? It was the meaning of.

As it is a broadcast of only Kanto, we will write it here only in the outline.


◆ About the tide of the doubled pork

I also mentioned in the broadcast, but I am an individual, honestly
"It should be uniformly left uniformly,"I believe it.

If you look at the current trend, there is also a part that has a very emotional or a bit emotional, and it seems that "I will stop, think about the Hankco culture and think about the Hankco culture." You will.

◆ History that Hanko is to be used

In order to think about Hanko, I think it will be necessary, "Why is Hanko be used in Japan?"

Specifically, I write on my personal blog, so please see that detailed content.

 If only a large frame, you will see:

· As a tool / treasure of graphic transcription
Jomon period-Nara era
Keywords: "Seal" "golden" "Asian Bank Trade"

· As a practical mark of administration
Nara era ~ Painting of peace
Keywords: "Ritsusuise system" "envoy use / suspension tang"

· As a practical mark of the people
Sengoku period-modern
Keywords: "Flower / Phantasy" "Partial Politics" "Meiji New Government"

From the old Jomon period to the present age, Hanko was a tool that is the side of the Japanese history.
At some time, as a symbol of authority, and when there is a certificate of trust, it has been used as a mirror that reflects that era.


◆ Did Japan also used to sign culture?

I think that there is a strange part if you get the flow of the above-mentioned flow.
That's right. In fact, there was a time when Hanko was not used for about 550 years from late peace to war.
So what did you use?
That's right.SignThat's it.

Things of the Japanese version"Flower press"It is called.
You may have seen it?

Sengoku warlord flower

Mr. Okada
"Before doing a drama, I will enter from the practice of" Flower Steps "! "
Tell me.
So much, "Flower Steps" would have been a must not be for warlords.

It was hard work

Kuroda official wire

◆ What is the reason for Hanko revival ...?

Such "Flower Press" Why did Sengoku warlords of the Sales to revive the Hanko?

The answer is,
"Flower press is troublesome"It was. Please imagine the Sengoku period.
Many crowds were repeated "expeditions" for battle.
In the expedition area, I was fighting to divide life and death.

In such a battlefield, in order to write "flower-pressed", other than paper"Brush, 硯, ink, water"Is required.
Of course, let's write a letter as well for the majesty.

Simply didn't have enough room.

Compared to this, if it is a hack,"Paper and ambing"If there is, you can push pompons even in the battlefield, and the wearing seals will be transcribed again and again.
"Early" "beautiful" "reproducible" certificateI was able to write.

In addition, there is one of the benefits of Hanko that there was "proxy". Simply put, you can leave it to the subordinates (laughs)

Of course, the manage of Hanko must be done properly. It may have been suitable for Japanese ethnicity that spans loyalty.

in shortBecause it is "convenient", a handko is usedIt became like it.

Is it? wait a minute.
Why don't you say that this is the story that it came to be used because it is this "convenient"?
What kind of thing is this one.

◆ Sign and Hanko, which one to do!?

When entering the Edo period, the "merchant and townsman" class is relatively rising on the back of "Partial Politics", and the Hanko will extend to the people.

The Hanko used at this time is the same "Seal" and "Aware" as in the present age.
That is, we were the rudge of the Hanko as a convention in the Edo period.

So why did you spread the Hanko among the common people, not a sign?

There are some reasons, but one of them"Literacy rate"Can be raised.
Although the literacy rate of the Edo period is theory, there are 63% of the ownership records.
(Simple comparison is difficult, but this figure is higher than foreign countries)
The effect of "the status of the common people" and the educational system called "Terakaya" is generally the impact of the penetration.

However, 60% of them have to sign as a means of certification of the common people.

In fact, in the early Meiji period, "Do you want to do either sign and Hanko", the Hanko War War broke out.
"I want to sign by the Justice province"
"The Ministry of Finance and Financial Institutions want to maintain Hanko"
Result is···

The latter won.
One of the reasons for the latter was "literacy rate".
It was judged as early as the signature only.

Click here if you are concerned about other reasons.

◆ Can you realize a doubled hand?

From the conclusion, I think that it can be realized if it is to allow disadvantages by IT in society. in particular"Confirmation of intention"I think that the doubled pork will progress more and more.

Hanko who used to be customarily practiced. A sense of discomfort that notification does not pass because no one is sold at 100 yen shop. .

Honestly, I think everyone was feeling something.
I think such a non-rational palm is also unnecessary.

Is the one who eliminates all the palms is for the world? Said,
I think that I can not say that I can not say.

One of the reasons is about "security".
At first glance, I think that the managed by IT will feel high security, but in fact"Usefulness" and "Security" are the relationship between trade-off (inverse proportion)There is. I think this is that among the IT industry, the higher the security expertise, the more you understand that the vulnerability is deeply understood.

On the other hand, analog pigeons are in the present age,As "inconvenience" is "high security"I'm sorry. It is an ironic.

Moreover, the Hanko Culture has three countries in the world, including Japan (Korea, Taiwan).
It can be said that the benefits of malicious sides are low.

In addition, a huge amount of reproduction (repeating the same thing), if you break a fake seal and replace a psychological sculpture or push the print with a paper certificate and once, if it breaks once, a huge amount of reproduction (repeat the same thing) Digital data forgery made of "0" and "1" that are easy.

Which do you aim if you're a mischievous officer of the usual sum?

 Evil officer

In short, security is not a personal unit, but the security of the social unit is
"Latest Technology" = Not "High Security",
"Investment to aim> Return to be obtained =" High Security "You can also think that it can be considered.

Convert security ideaIf you do, you will change. It is interesting.
If you want to know more detailed, please.



◆ Analog value in digital society

Digital inconvenience made by telework.
In 2020, there were many people who felt this?

For example, how did you felt a web conference?
"The conversation wears"There are many people who felt it.

This is probably compared with direct conferences,The amount of information is overwhelmingly scarceI think it will happen from.

Meeting of face-to-face meetings, meeting facing, meeting facing meals, and I did not feel anything at that time, but I think it would be very human and good when I fell it?

However, this change will not stop anymore. It is already steered by a digital society.

Thirty years of Heisei, I think that it was a poor change in change in globally.
To say more,It is originally a surviving thing that is changed (changed)It may be said that it may be said.

In the current world, this flow will be accelerated in the future in the flow of analog → digital.

But while,Analog value is relatively risingI think it will be like.Return to analogIt may be appropriate to be expressed as going.

It is considered that it is not because human beings are really beautiful, fun, happy, and "feel with heart".

I do not know if it is a proper word, but it is not a material value or functional value, not going through the brain,Sensory value that ensure direct human "heart"I think.

This time,Art fields using analog technology will open flowers againIsn't it?

◆ Finally

What I feel in the land of Kyoto,How Japan is a unique cultureAnd it is very important to overseasValue-addedIt is the point of why.

Including kanji"Japanese"One of them is one.
It is considered that it is worth than the Japanese language that is not in the alphabet of the phonetic character.

I think one of the industries that handle this character culture has long been designed by the "Hanko industry". We believe that we can find new value by polishing here and changing the shape.

I am currently in the vortex of the big social change waves.
About the points that overcome these crisis, I think three things now are important.

1 Staring yourself (it will be a reward to act)

· What is the added value that your own core technology brings to your own core technology?
· Why do your work exist?

When I judged it by myself if I do not produce this earning value,
Critical "Relee" is importantI think.
There is a "grabbing" on the contrary of "Relee". Wondering and "Relee" will come to "grasp" chance.
Believe in this葦 葦I think it is important to be.


2 Bind the power of the population (make a three hundred rows)

· Japan's strength is "group" than "individual"
This is not clear by looking at the world of sports.

In the meantimeDemonstrate your power to the groupI think it should be.

It is good to do collaboration that combines wisdom and produces synergistic effects for both sides. I think that especially in the industry that does not usually have a good connection is good.

Of course I am fine (laughs)If you are interestedInquiryPlease contact us by all means.

3 Hospitality to customers (redefinity to customers)

I think it sounds like a natural thing.
Why does this go to raise this, so it will come from the time when the value of "work" in humans will be redefined.

If this happens, once again, for meCustomer and "Added Value to Provide"I think it will be necessary.


Last but not least,
Let's get well the world from Japan so that you can leave a good future for children! ! ! !

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