[When it gets crushed] Excessive amount of ink 2

Is there a possibility that "the ink will stick too much" when you replace the ink?
Here are some tricks you can use in such situations.

Tricks "Ink removal"

[Tips taught by Hankoya]

---‬ How to remove excess stamp ink ---

‪ A new stamp board may have too much ink on it when you first use it.

It's a stamp with a fine pattern, but the ink bleeds and ruins...

At that time, I will introduce the "secret trick" to remove excess ink properly. ‬

‪The name is “Remove ink”!

All you need to prepare is appropriate and unnecessary paper. Backing paper or memo paper is enough.

Before pushing to the production paper, lightly bounce onto unnecessary paper!

By doing so, the ink that has adhered to the print surface will fall out.

After that, put the stamp on the production paper and gently "apply" the stamp evenly to the paper.
(Be careful not to drop too much ink when removing the ink.)

Please find the right amount of power for yourself◎

The difference from when you press it strongly as usual is obvious!
Please try♪