What is the original address seal?

The original address seal is a "elegant address seal" using the design frame that our store wrote down.

In our store, by combining the character combination cultivated in the traditional seal production and the design technology obtained through the production of kyofufu stamp, we produce a little stylish address seal that you do not see elsewhere.

Recently, "I came to order because I thought it would be nice to see the address mark that my friend had stamped", and it has become a lot of visits.

In the busy daily, those who tend to finish the character son or pc,

Why don't you enjoy the time to write down one character one character feeling even by only the New Year's card and the thank-you card, etc. because it is such an age once now?

I'm sure they'll be happy to receive it.

Moreover, it is recommended for the person who is depressed because "Because the character is bad".
In fact, the impression changes greatly only by pressing "Hanko" on the paper printed by the smartphone and the personal computer.
On paperWarmthIt comes out.

This feeling may be difficult to convey if you do not try hard, so please try to experience it by all means from the "address mark" and "one letter mark" purpose is clear and easy to use.

Our store is written with all our heart in the letter and postcard,
The "temperature" of the calligrapherI hope you can help with the.