About three virus measures

Hand disinfection

Before touching the product, be sure to disinfect both hands with a disinfectant (hypochlorous acid) before handling the product.

Wearing a mask

Since late January 2020, our sales staff and manufacturing staff have been wearing masks. *At present, no staff is suspected of having an infectious disease.

Packaging with paper products

This coronavirus is said to remain for a long time on materials with low water absorption such as plastic. In our shop, we mainly deliver paper bags and paper boxes with relatively high water absorption.

Take advantage of this time at home

Challenge to "Stamp Art"Try,
Try to carve "seasoning"Such,

It may be a good idea to try things you couldn't do even if you couldn't get the time you put together.

Don't be afraid more than necessary
Let's overcome the coronavirus together while having fun! !

Thinking about various things that we can do in the future
I will implement it, so please look forward to it.

We pray for the health of everyone.