【Failure Report】

----- event-----

If you are using a personal computer, iE (Internet ExplorerBrowser
multiple functions from those who have accessed
If it does not work properly, we have been contacted.

----- deal------

(1) Change your browser
If you can access it from the following browsers
I'm sure it will work.

--- normal operation browser ---

"Microsoft edge", "chrome", "firefox", "opera"

Microsoft Edge is a Windows10 PC
If you have it, it seems to have been installed initially.
For others, please use "Each browser name + download"
Search and download the latest version
I think that i can use it.

Access from your smartphone or tablet

safari of apple products and
Android products are from chrome and work fine.


Above, we are very sorry for the inconvenience,
Thank you very much.

Thank you for your continued support.