Here, I would like to introduce my impressions of actually carving various types of stone stamp materials.
 However, it is very difficult to give a certain evaluation because it is a natural thing, so it is an evaluation based on my personal experience.
 Please refer to this as one reference and carve various stones instead of sticking to one stone. It is also a good experience to carve stones up a notch higher.

◆ Shouzan stone

It is the cheapest stone.
 It is also a stone that is fairly easy to carve if it hits a good thing.
 However, the quality is not stable, so it is characterized by stones that are easy to hit.
 However, because it is cheap, if you carve a number for practice, you may be able to carve a lot.

◆ Aodaishi

It is this stone that is carved when going to learn seal engraving.
 Isn't it the most popular stone now? The number of incoming stones is abundant, so I think it is the best stone to practice in various sizes.
 In the past, it was a stone with more colors, but recently it has become light green.
 Although the image coming from the name may be strong, it seems that it is becoming a bit more difficult to carve than it is still.
 If you see a mixture of multiple colors, try engraving.
 The characteristic of this stone is that it is carved crispy. You can get a simple carving taste.

◆ Parin Seki

In recent years, the momentum has been to replace Shoushan stone. In the past, the cut stones were also mixed with beautiful frozen stones, but recently they are hard to see and the price is rising. I think that the whitish thing on the left of the photo is a relatively cheap and soft stone. The one with transparency on the right is a bit more expensive but easy to carve and easy to process. In some cases, it has the same name as Tamane stone or Shandong stone, but I think it is the same stone. If anything, you can enjoy the high quality and more expensive stone carving taste than Shoushan stone. It may be a stone more suitable for technicians than a powerful carving method. Therefore, I think that it is suitable for people without power (women). At one time, crispy, rogue things have come in, and some people may dislike this stone in the image at that time, but avoiding such a thing is a good stone (although it is quite difficult). Also, because it looks beautiful, I think it's good for carving and giving gifts to people.

◆ Tohoku frozen

Sometimes called Liaoning Frozen.
 It is a very sticky stone that has a slight translucency and a light green color.
 This is useful for small marks or thin lines.
 Because it is sticky, it is difficult to jump characters. However, it is difficult to carve a large mark.
 In the past, we didn't even know where these stones could be found, but nowadays it seems that many are coming in.
 The good thing about this stone is white and transparent, so if you think from now on, the stone that was called lantern freeze seems like this stone.

◆ Shozanko

It is a red stone of Shoushan stone of red color, and it is similar to Mt.
 At first glance, it is a very soft stone. It's a sculpture of sculpture.
 I think that it is better to carve white text on a relatively large size.

◆ Hentenishi

In recent years, it has become relatively rare, but in the past it was a rare stone. I have come in under the name of Aomi Frozen. Some are quite transparent, and this is a stone often mistaken for light frost. Perhaps it's sticky or not, and it's something in between. It cannot be carved very well. Therefore, I think that it is suitable for presenters who want to give an interesting taste and because the appearance is beautiful (white is the keynote).

◆ Green freezing stone

It is a slightly harder stone that resembles light green Cantonese green and northeast frozen.
 It is suitable for engraving thin line quality letters and gold text. So, I think it is suitable for white text with thin lines.
 There is also a stone called “ball” that looks exactly like this stone. However, please note that it is impossible to engrave by hand (iron brush). (Especially for Chinese souvenirs)

◆ Uighur flat head stone

It is a stone very similar to Balin stone. , Or rather, it came in and mixed with Balin Stone. The carving taste is exactly the same. It is almost the same stone. Maybe there is no need to separate. The difference is that there is only a color pattern that is constant and based on plain gray. Of course there are good stones, but what comes in as a cut stone is a pattern of colors. On the other hand, it is very easy to carve because the carving taste is less uneven and can be carved uniformly. It is convenient when you want to surely carve.

◆ Guangdong Green

It was a famous stone, once very expensive, but now it can be obtained for about one tenth of the time. It looks like a stone with beautiful greenery. There are various green patterns to make a unique engraving. If you compare, it is a glassy image. Jari Jari can be carved. (Some of them can be carved plumply.) The quality of the line is very good, so if you use it, it will be quite interesting.

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