Here, I will briefly introduce how to engrave myself (Teramachi store shop owner "Ryuzen") about seal engraving using stone stamp material.
 This is my way of carving, so it is not absolute. Therefore, we would appreciate it if you look at it for reference and use it as a material that you can devise yourself.

1. First, correct the stone surface with paper, change the direction of the stamp material so that it is not in only one direction, and polish while counting the number of times. The trick is to get the same number.
 * For information on how to polish the stone itself, please refer to "Stone polishing".

2. Apply red ink. The stamp face is easier to see. You do not need to apply it darkly. In addition, we recommend that you use high-quality red ink if possible. If the calligraphy teacher is used for corrections, he loses the black ink he will use later and gets in trouble when he wants to correct the characters.

3. Fix it on the seal carving table and draft with a pencil (2B). I will write upside down characters directly. In the case of complicated characters, it is better to make a "print" * 1 in advance and design the characters properly. We also make "prints".

4. Overwrite the draft with ink.
 At this time, it is important to write the frame in black ink.

5. Reflect in a mirror and check. The surprising horizontal line is rising to the right, the vertical line is inclined, and the appearance of my own eyes appears. Also, the condition of the eyes seems to be different depending on the day.

6. Check and fix bad spots and places you don't like by applying red ink from above. At this time, be careful not to overpaint the iron like an oil painting.

7. Carve using an iron brush. The engraving order is generally in the order of the stroke.

8. Once the carving is done, wipe the red ink and black ink on the seal with a rag.
 If you leave the engraving or ink as it is, it will worsen the seal, so be sure to wipe it off before pressing.

9. Apply seal mud. My mud is old, so I dig it up first with stamping material.
 Then, lightly pat on repeatedly. Don't overfit. Of course it is best to have it kneaded before putting it on.

10. Press. Make an effort to write “no” around.

11. The one on the left is the one that has been carved. Look at the imprint you pressed and fix it.

12. Please fix it without worrying. The sample this time is a carved word, Nagaraku, so I'm done with this. Sometimes it gets worse, but especially at the beginning, it's better to fix it until you are satisfied.

13. Here is the one after correction. It was much cleaner than before the fix. Check the image above to see what has been fixed. However, this correction is due to personal sensitivity. I think that what you can convince yourself is the best for that person. If possible, increase the number of corrections. I believe that individuality is born out of this correction work. Please engrave your personality through seal engraving.

* 1 "Ink"
 A stamp is a drawing or design of a character or picture to be engraved. Before writing directly on the stone, write the image you want to engrave on a piece of note paper or something in full letters (not in reverse).

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